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Happy Friday! Here is the last set of answers to the equation and their significance. Anyone 100% correct? Tells us about it here, or on Twitter @GiantChalkboard.

EG: 1979; Year rings on Jupiter discovered
EH: :-)
EI: 65,535; Largest maxint that can be represented by 16 binary digits
EJ: 4; Number of classes of minerals in 1758 edition of Systema Nocturae
EK: 24; Number of classes of plants in 1758 edition of Systema Nocturae
EL: 6; Number of classes of animals in 1758 edition of Systema Nocturae
EM: 5; Number of Korotkoff sounds
EN: 1501; Birth year of 1 of 3 founding fathers of botany
EO: 1489; Birth year of 1 of 3 founding fathers of botany
EP: 1498; Birth year of 1 of 3 founding fathers of botany
EQ: 1843; Year of declaration that the azoic zone does not exist sparks that 20 year debate
ER: 300; Depth in fathoms azoic zone was supposedly located
ES: 47; Number of feet that help make up a knot
ET: 3; Number of inches that help make up a knot
EU: 6; Feet in a fathom
EV: 134,217,728; Sum of numbers in the 27th row of Pascal’s triangle
EW: 90; Original mission length of Spirit Mars Exploration Rover (in days)
EX: 7730.5; Total distance the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover traveled
EY: 1897; The year aspirin was created
EZ: 1; Number of planets we call home
FA: 7 billion; the population of our planet at the end of October, 2011
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DB: 238; Only 3-digit interstate that doesn’t follow parent interstate naming conventions
DC: 90; Number of the longest US highway
DD: 1942; Year of the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction
DE: 100; Atomic number of fermium
DF: 1946; Year of ENIAC
DG: 17468; Number of vacuum tubes in ENIAC
DH: 88; Weight of the first car phone to the nearest pound
DI: 1949; Year patent no. 2473288 was given to combination table utensil
DJ: 128; Years ago railroads instituted standard time zones in US
DK: 32; Ice melting point in degrees F
DL: 19; Number of parameters in the standard model of particle physics
DM: 1986; Last time we saw Halley’s comet
DN: 2061; Next time we’ll see Halley’s comet
DO: 20,005,000; Transmission frequency of Sputnik 1 in Hz
DP: 2; Constitutional Article establishing Executive branch
DQ: 51; Jurisdictions in the electoral college
DR: 3; votes for DC in the electoral college
DS: 23; Amendment that gave DC those votes
DT: 12; Amendment specifying the system
DU: 44; Numer of US Presidents to date
*Bonus number (DP through DU): 538; Number of electoral college votes
DV: 1969; Year of first human on the moon
DW: 11718; Mission length of Apollo 11 in minutes
DX: 57; Project number where GPS was born
DY: 365; Approximate number of days it takes to travel around the sun
DZ: 11; Lowest master number in one of the earliest attempts to give meanings to numbers
EA: 11; Number of M Theory dimensions
EB: 4; Number of Spacetime dimensions
EC: 1,210,000,000; Number of watts in flux capacitor
ED: 88; :)
EE: 2000; Y2K
EF: 43,112,609; value of p that generates the largest known Mersenne Prime
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CI: 1897; The year the electron was discovered

CJ: 8981; Length of the Golden Gate Bridge in feet
CK: 101; US highway route that goes over Golden Gate Bridge
CL: 6174; Kaprekar’s Constant

CM: 137; years ago QWERTY was created

CN: 11110010000; 1936 in binary; 1936 is the year of the first programmable computer
CO: 233; 6th Fibonacci Prime

CP: 96; Atomic number of curium
CQ: 24346; Lifespan (in days) of its female namesake

CR: 238,857; Miles from Earth to the moon
CS: 2206; Number of words in the “We Choose the Moon” speech
CT: 32899; Zip code of the Kennedy Space Center
CU: 1; Giant leaps for man kind
CV: 2; Number of crew members on the lunar module
CW: 293; HEK cell line used widely in biology
CX: 8; Sixth number in the Fibonacci sequence
CY: 3,488,372; The approximate number of dollar bills stacked to reach the height of this Wonder of the Modern World

CZ: 8,589,869,056; Sixth perfect number
DA: 8; Planets in the solar system today
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