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    The wall is very popular in European markets will popular in China
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    It is understood that in 2007 Paris Expo Home Furnishing stickers, beyond all expectations popular, quickly swept through Europe and the United States Jiezhuang market, has become an important element of the design. It is different from the traditional hand painted wall, has given the design and production of ready-made patterns, only need to stick on the wall, glass or ceramic tiles can be.

    The wall is very flexible and can change the choice, it avoids large amount of paint may bring environmental pollution, but also avoid the wallpaper loss caused by the visual impact and the waste of money. Many young consumers have begun to decorate Home Furnishing life by this highly decorative products, low price has become the main reason for its fast fame.

    The development trend of the wall is the market. First of all, in the development of China Home Furnishing jewelry is still in the embryonic stage of development, but also just Home Furnishing jewelry stickers belongs to the category, is a new kind; secondly, more and more people the pursuit of quality of life and taste, it is bound to create an atmosphere for the development of wall stickers.

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