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    The calculation method of secret secret price stickers
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    In the wall sales process, price is a primary concern, some stickers manufacturers in accordance with the retail price and then discount, some stickers brand is calculated according to the per square meter area, some simply use formulas. In the face of these calculation methods, many consumers are often unintelligible, don't know which way to calculate reasonable, do not know is how to price stickers. Here, these are the way to do it.

    1, discount way

    Now this calculation is the most, is in accordance with the retail price of a discount, such as 40 percent off, 50 percent off. Some customers choose, the discount is low, the agent, but careful customers will think, if the price is relatively high, the discount after the price is high. For example: 100 dollars of 50 percent off, 80 of the 40 percent off, in the end that cheap?

    2, unit area

    Unit area way is simply the price per square meter of wall stickers. Many people find it hard to understand that the price per square meter, because everyone the impression that this set of wall stickers what the price is, what is the relationship with the price per square metre? Say so, so manufacturers are using stickers as materials, it reflects how who whose wall stickers are cheap, expensive, this to buy rice is the same reason, of course, is the cheaper price more affordable. Dobeter stickers agent purchase price is in accordance with the stickers per square meter price calculation. But there is doubt, there are many gaps so many stickers, how to calculate the area? So much better wall size as size effect diagram and layout size, size effect diagram is in accordance with the size effect after posting stickers, layout size is to remove the extra intermediate space, compact layout, saving material for customers. Price calculation is calculated in accordance with the layout size of the unit price, not the actual effect of the wall size to calculate the size of the wall. For example, the actual area of home wall is 2.8 meters *3 meters =8.4 square meters, wall layout size is generally 1.5*2 square metres. This is not very convenient for the majority of customers to save a lot of material, reduce decorative costs!

    3, formula method

    There are some stickers manufacturers more simple, is to give a formula software, enter a size, calculate an area. Of course, this calculation method is very simple. But there is a fatal problem, the price is how to develop, with the price of other brands how ah?

    According to the calculation cost or by the square wall discount is cost-effective? A lot of friends will ask how not to give me a discount directly, even if the price, so good trouble. In fact, the square is more scientific basis for discount. Complete specifications, large and small, a large area of certain higher prices, according to the area to calculate how much is more reasonable, and the discount is relatively vague, no amount of nature is completely different.

    The complexity of pricing and the pattern of many stickers affixed to the wall, there is a direct relationship between the number of colors and patterns, but the complexity of making patterns and each pattern of price of Jiangnan Xuan's book of the wall map color is not much contact, all the stickers are in accordance with a price, regardless of monochrome and multicolor, not complex and simple, are in accordance with a unified implementation of the price, and only the size of the wall.

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